Primary 6 & 7

Hi P7,

I don't normally write on this page but I just couldn't let you leave Clough Primary without saying something!!!

I remember most of you starting Nursery and progressing through school with some of you joining along the way. It has been very interesting to watch you grow and develop into the young people you now are and to see you reach the stage where you are all ready to move onto the next stage of your education. Work hard and always do your best and then at the end of your time in education you will be content knowing you have reached your potential. I wonder what areas you will all work in? Who knows maybe one day you will do a job for me! My GP is a past pupil of mine and I recently had past pupils do some plastering and  joinery work for me.

Recently I have heard a quote from A.A. Milne the author of the Winnie the Pooh stories being used very often during the time of lockdown and I thought it was appropriate for you,

'You are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.'

Remember these words as you start out in your new schools. It will be strange but only for a short time and it will be exciting to have lots of new experiences and make new friends. Enjoy them all.

My mum, who was very wise gave me some advice when I was growing up, yes a long time ago and that advice had been given to her when she was growing up so it's old but still relevant even if the words sound strange. This is what I would have written in your autograph books:

Your life lies out before you

Like a path of untrodden snow

So be careful how you tread it

For every step will show.

P7 you will always be part of the Clough Primary family and I hope it will always hold a special place in your heart as it does in mine and remember you will always be welcome back on visits and please do speak to me if you meet me outside.

With very best wishes

Mrs. Stewart




Reminder for all P7s

Just a short reminder for all P7s to have their leavers sheets all filled in and left into the box at the school entrance and also their photographs emailed to Mr Hutchinson by Wed 17th June. 

I can't wait to see them all and begin to arrange them into your leavers folder.

FAO Primary 6


Please read the following document below regarding the entrance exam to Ballymena Academy

Attention P7s!!

It's Your Move Lessons  - Scripture Union Northern Ireland


Please click on the link below to watch the first 'It's Your Move' Lesson.

Lesson 1 is all about 'Changes'


Before you watch it, download and print out the activity sheet to go with the lesson. 

(Don't worry if you can't do this.  You can still complete the activities with a pen and piece of paper)


To all my P7s....

Just a quick message to say I am currently thinking about you all ahead of receiving your admission letter to 'big school' tomorrow.

Please remember that no matter what it says inside your envelope you will excel wherever you go.

I am very proud of how well you are all coping during this difficult time, not being able to attend school in what would have been your last month of primary school life. I am missing all the end of year activities we would be completing in class for your P7 yearbooks.

Keep your eyes peeled for a special delivery in the post next week so this can be achieved!! 

I miss you all and hope to see you all again soon.

Mrs Overend


Time Well Spent in P6&7

Litter Picking
Bella and Simon have this message- 

’ Please stop throwing rubbish out the window of your car’

A BIG Well Done to you both - You have made time to go out and pick up all the rubbish near your house so the environment is a much cleaner and safer place.
Super Life Skills!!

P.S I would need you to come over to my road and pick up all the litter here too. 

Danny has been busy and having lots of fun during his time in lockdown.

He has been having lots of water fights, started his own vegetable patch and played lots of games with his brother.  


Danny, I would need your expertise to help me get a vegetable patch underway - I would love one! 

Robbie has been keeping very busy during the nice weather by cutting the lawn, painting his chicken coop and barbecuing.


You are a very skillful person to have about the house Robbie. I would love someone to come and paint my fence so I wouldn’t have to do it!

What a lovely letter I received from Cody telling me all he has been getting up to.


During quarantine Cody has:

Went a 4 mile walk/cycle/run everyday with his family

Made balloon powered Lego racing cars

Pitched a tent in the backyard and camped all night, making smores and having a BBQ

Made a design using masking tape and chalk on the ground his younger brother

Baked lots

Climbed trees

Got a new petrol RC car and loves racing it

Cody, I wish I could run 4 miles everyday and I hope your mum isn’t being too hard on your with your schoolwork!!

Ruth wants everyone to meet Milo.

Milo was rejected from its mum and it has been Ruth’s job to look after him, making sure he has food and is staying healthy and safe.

Ruth, Milo is a wee beauty.  I’m sure he is one spoilt little kid!!

A message from Tom:

This is what I have been getting up to during quarantine.  It shows me driving my dirt buggy my Dad got me and I am helping him build a new shed.  There are pictures of me whisking calf milk, feeding my calf and a picture of me in my den I built using branches and trees.

You have certainly been busy Tom - I must try out building a den like yours!

Fantastic Art Work produced by Bella.

This has given me an idea to try this with my daughter using a Highland  Dancer in the middle.

keep up the super work!!

Hello again everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are keeping safe and well!

It has been 4 weeks since you were last at school and I would love to see what you are all getting up to.
Please see below a task I would love you all to take part in.

Please send your video/PicCollage to 


All will be showcased here on our webpage!

Hi everyone...

Hope you are all enjoying being on your Easter Holidays and having no school work to do (apart from my P6s...sorry!!)

I would love to see and hear how you are all keeping yourself safe and busy at home. Please keep checking our webpage for the next activity I will set for you all. It will involve some ICT skills and consent from your parents to produce a little video or PicCollage for the class to see what each other is getting up to.  Keep yours eyes peeled for more info!!

A big ‘Well Done’ to Cody who proudly displays his poster to show his thanks to all the key workers in the community!!

A big shout out to all my wonderful P6&7s....

Just a wee check in to see how you all are??
I hope you have all made a start on some work in your Home Learning Packs and working well for your parents.
Please remember that as well as school work try and complete some other activities as suggested in your pack.

I miss hearing your stories and having some ‘craic’ as you all would call it.  
keep checking in on our page for more updates!!

To put a smile on all your faces -

Below are some pictures on our last day before school had to close.

Primary 7
‘You are the Best’

End of Day Treat for the P7s.

A big shout out to our parents who own Vic & Hil who very kindly gave all the Primary 7 children free hot chocolate with marshmallows.  They had also contacted Donnellys who very generously donated some cream eggs and sweets for the children as it may have been their last day at primary school.

 I think it just made their day extra special!!

Not forgetting my brilliant P6s.

Pancake Day Fun

Instructional Writing

Our focus over the last few weeks in writing was learning all about instructional writing.  Before Pancake Tuesday the children brought in different sets of instructions and we investigated why we need instructions and looked at different layouts. We then became ‘instructional detectives’ and made a checklist of what needs to be included in a set of instructions.  This checklist was going to be used when it came to writing our own instructions on how to make pancakes.

Primary 6  

Robotics Afternoon at Dunclug College


Feel Good Friday!!

  Investigating Venn Diagrams

 P6 & 7 created a venn diagram using 3 circles and sorted the numbers 1-50 using their own criteria.  Some groups sorted for prime numbers, odd numbers, even numbers, square numbers to name a few.

They were then set a challenge to create a Venn Diagram using various statements.

Each group had to think what the title for each section was going to be and sort the statements accordingly.

Art & Design

In P6&7 we have many talented artists.   You can clearly see this in the beginning stages our wonderful watercolour landscapes inspired by the talented artist Jen Aranyi.

Part 1 - covered sketching out the landscape and using watercolours to paint the sky.

Part 2 - covered drawing the trees and mountains with pen.

Santa stops in Clough!!

Christmas Prop Fun

Transfer Club Party

What a way to finish our last day of Transfer Club!!

Everyone earned this treat after all the hard work they have put in over the past number of months.

I think the smiles say it all!!

Best of Luck for the final test on Saturday.

’Bucket Filling’

 We have recently introduced the concept of ‘bucket filling’ in our class as we endeavour to make our school and classroom a happy place to be.  We fill buckets everyday by doing kind deeds and using kind words.  Even Mrs Overend is joining in too!!

World Around Us

Our first World Around Us topic is the ‘Rugby World Cup with it being a current world wide topic throughout September and October. The children were given the opportunity to explore the history of the World Cup with all the related facts and figures as well as finding out about the country of Japan and the changes it made in preparation for the World Cup.  We even managed to find out all about Typhoon Hagabis! 

The class took part in a ‘country sweepstake’ were each child picked out one country from the twenty participating countries and this was the team they followed throughout the tournament.  (Well Done to Joel on picking out the winning team, South Africa!!)

The children are now in the process of producing a project on their allocated country and are incorporating ICT skills and many other skills to produce their final product.  

There are some very interesting facts being found out and I cannot wait to see the completed projects!!

Learning how to draw ‘Koi’ fish and using watery paint and salt for our finished design.

Practical Maths Games - Studying Place Value