Primary 4

Welcome to our home page. We are class of 17 happy and excited P4s bursting with fun and enthusiasm. We are looking forward to getting back into school, albeit in an unusual manner. Each of us are different but we are all unique with some special gifts and talents! Follow our learning and news on this page to see what we get up to. 

This year it is important to stay safe. Each year group has different times for break and lunch and we play in our own area of the playground. We wash our hands often and sanitise them regularly. 

And finally..... Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa visiting school. This year he was unable to come into our classrooms so he knocked on the window and spoke to us through class. We told him what we wanted and had our photos taken, with him outside and us inside. We got gifts which he left for us, the previous week so they could sit for some time to cut down the risk of infection. What a wonderful man!!! Merry Christmas from Santa and P4!

School is a wonderful time for boys and girls in December. We did lots of crafts this year in December. We made angels,  by pleating  A4 copies of Hark The Herald Angels Sing and then bending these pieces of paper into angel shapes. We attached  the sheets of paper and gave them heads by adding baubles.  What an amazing sight!!

Some people had to stay off school in the last week so they could spend time with family at Christmas. Those in school did some crafts. We made Christmas trees from shredded paper and jewels, we made foam decorations about Jesus’ birth and dough decorations to hang on the tree. 
We also made Christmas cards to send to Residential Homes for the elderly. Here is a selection of our crafts for you to see.

Our Christmas Celebration was different this year,  due to COVID 19. We each said a little piece about Christmas Celebrations Around the World and sang “Felix Navidad.” We had to record this and put it online. It may have been different but we think it was still jolly good. We hope you do to.

Everyone has a name which is special for them. We wrote acrostic poems about our names to describe ourselves. 

After half-term we looked at the topic of Remembrance Day. We studied the poem “In Flanders Field” by John McCrae. We drew poppies to illustrate this poem. 

Our Shape and Space branch of Maths this term was tessellations. We discovered what tessellations are and looked for them at home. Each of us wrote a short description about our tessellations,  on the computer. We found this part of maths really exciting.

P4 studied Wonderful Northern Ireland  for their World Around Us topic in term 1. We found lots of historical, geographical and literacy skills in this topic. Mr Hutchinson told us all about County Tyrone. We wrote postcards to a friend telling them all about the wonderfully places to visit in this amazing little country.

On a bright autumnal afternoon we did some chalk pictures outside. Mrs Campbell gave us some advice and taught us some skills. We did the rest, to decorate the path which P1s take each morning when coming into class. 

In our numeracy this term we have been looking at tens and units and exchanging. We used Diennes materials to exchange rods for units, before learning how to add and subtract numbers up to 100. 

By October we were able to use rods and units to exchange when taking away. We are now maths super kids, don’t you think?

Every year our coffee morning in school is a big event. We were unable to have this in the normal way so we had a virtual coffee morning. We baked and decorated cakes at home and sent in pictures through Seesaw, our online learning resource. We weaved and painted cupcakes in school and incorporated writing into this event as well. We even had the opportunity to buy a cupcake in school for break one day, and we throughly enjoyed it! We have shared all this with you in the images below.

Most pupils could definitely enter The British Bake Off in later years. You decide who will be contestants and who will be tasters!!

Thanks Dorothy for our lovely buns. Much tastier that a healthy piece of fruit. Oh dear, don’t tell mums or Mr Hutchinson we said that.

As a class we did a piece of shared writing about The Story of COVID. We looked at what has happened since lockdown and tried to include many highs and lows. We were the authors and Mrs Hutchinson was the scribe.