Primary 3 & 4

Welcome to P3/P4. This term we have been doing amazing things in our class.  We began the year by looking at ourselves. We talked about our likes and dislikes in food, sport and colour. We realised that even though we are all different, we work together as a fantastic team!!!

We then  investigated “The Great Fire of London” when looking at the World Around Us. As historians we looked at sources- photographs, reports and diaries. We have really enjoyed this topic. We put together an amazing display. What do you think of it?


In our mathematics recently, we have studied Angles. We went for a walk around our school and using our I-pads we took lots of photos of right angles. We put this together as a collage and displayed it in our classroom. Have a little look at our work!

Practical maths this term with P4 included using Diennes Material. 

P3 and P4 used practical games during their Literacy time. 

We are now looking forward to Christmas, as are all of our parents!!!! Some of us even have the days counted We will be doing lots of exciting and fun things with a Christmas theme. Follow our page to see what is happening next.