Welcome to Primary 2 & 3

 30th March

Hi girls and boys,

It is strange to be working from home and I am missing your stories and seeing your smiling faces as you come through the classroom door. I hope by now you have had a look through your packs and have started to do some work for your home teacher! I hope you are staying at home and are safe and well.

I know how much you all love P.E. and exercise is very good for you so weather permitting try to get exercise outside every day. A great way to start your day would be exercising with Joe Wicks who is live on You Tube every morning at 9.30.

If we were at school this week we would be hearing the Easter Story. You can find this in The Beginners Bible on You Tube.

Do some activities from the suggested home activities sheet & find activities on the internet from the suggestions on the letter Mr Hutchinson sent home.

You only have to work this week and then you have 2 weeks off for Easter holidays.

Remember to ask an adult for help when using the internet and remember all the internet safety tips you were given in school. Listen to the song on this page to remind yourself. 


This is a rough guide for you to follow each week while we are working from home:

P2: Literacy

        Learn 2 new tricky words

       One Phonic worksheet

        Write a story

        Write sentences using the tricky words you learn during the week

        One sheet from the pack that starts with rhyming words

        Read and try to spell one group of words from the first 100 key words

       Read books you have at home or on the internet

      Choose some activities from the home activities sheet 

P2 Numeracy

Complete one booklet each week

Continue learning tables subtracting from numbers up to 10, starting this week with take away 4, next week take away 5 etc

P3 Literacy and numeracy

 Work through your packs systematically, completing approximately  one literacy and one numeracy booklet each week.

Remember to read books you have at home or you locate on the internet.

Complete spellings and tables in homework booklets and don't forget to do the activities. Learn spellings and tables well.

Try to write a story each week.

Complete one mental maths test each week.

Read and spell the words on the key words sheet.

 I know you are all capable of completing the work in your packs with a little help from the adults in your house. Listen carefully and do your best. Remember it is ok to make mistakes, we all learn from them, including adults.

Parents and children, enjoy this time together. Be patient with each other and try to have fun times together at home. Lots of learning takes place while playing games together.

Best wishes for the weeks ahead.

Mrs Stewart

Hi boys and girls,

I am missing you all already and hope that you are all enjoying your first few days off, even though you have to stay at home. You will soon have your packs from school which will include some work and also ideas for other activities. Work well for your parents and always do your best.

Mrs Stewart

Numeracy in P2/P3


Pancake Tuesday..


Making valentine cards by printing..


Fun in the snow..


Learning about internet safety 


We listened to the story of Smartie the Penguin...


The song will help us to remember how to be safe on the internet..

Transport Topic


Visit from Mrs Eva Gage today to talk about her job as an air hostess.. 


The Firefighters explained to us about what they do and showed us the equipment they use and the different parts of the fire engine..

Sorting means of transport 

Activity based learning..

Enter text...


Writing and giving instructions..


Speak out stay safe message from NSPCC..


Look who came to visit us today in class for a PDMU lesson...

Learning about length in P2/P3


Christmas fun with Santa


Dance in P2/P3