Welcome to Primary 1 & 2

To all our little folk in Primary 1 and 2. Thank you for being a wonderful class to teach. How we’ve all enjoyed watching you develop and bloom. It was sad that it all stopped so suddenly. But you were so good at completing your home packs and at trying out ideas found on our class web page. We really liked looking at the photos your parents sent to us.


Now it is time to leave P1 and P2. Enjoy your summer holidays but keep reading stories, playing games with the tricky words and using the alphabet letters and sounds. Don’t forget how to count, add and take away! This will all help your move into the next class.


Practise being independent for your parents and remember to be kind and caring to others. Most of all stay safe and wash your hands carefully to keep the virus away!


A great big thank you for all the pretty cards and presents. Maybe we will see some of you out and about. We look forward to hearing about your lockdown summer activities. We will have lots to tell you too.

Isn’t it lovely to read a favourite book in a secret place.

Joshua likes to read his favourite book in his pop up garage. 

Children look who was on my windowsill yesterday! Such a bold hen! 


Hello P1 and P2. It was lovely speaking to some of you on the phone last week. I thought you might enjoy looking at some of the things that have happened in our class this year. September 2019- June 2020.

I hope all is okay with you and your family. Are you working away at your lessons? I do hope you are improving at : 
1. reading

2. knowing your letters, sounds and tricky words

3. writing your letters and tricky words

4. counting

5. adding and taking away numbers

6. measuring and weighing

Have you tried your sports day activities? Can you recognise dandelions, buttercups and daisies? Are you amazed at how the birds build their nests?

I look out my kitchen window and watch mummy and daddy birds bringing their food to their babies. They squeeze through a tiny hole under the roof of my shed to get to their nest. It’s fascinating to watch!

You all enjoy looking at books, reading and hearing stories, so this week I’d like you to pick a favourite soft toy and choose an unusual place to read or to listen to a story. Ask a big person to take a photograph of you with your book and your toy. They can then email it to Mr Hutchinson. He will then pass them on to me and l will post all the photos on the website.
You will be excited to see all your friends in all the unusual places they’ve found where they can read.

Take care everyone. Look after each other and keep safe.

Well done Wylie! You have been very busy at home. I will be interested to see your pretty flowers blooming in the summer. 

I hope my class are all very well. I also hope you are getting some of the work pack done each day, having playtime, outdoor fun and some exercise.

Don’t forget to do two little things to help your parents!
I love to read and this evening I’d like to read you a story. So, after your bath or shower, with teeth brushed, pyjamas on and teddy to hug, we will begin.

The story I have chosen was a favourite of my three boys, William, John and Tom. Do you remember my stories about them? I’m looking forward to sharing this book with you. 

Enjoy, sleep tight and don’t forget your prayers.

Hello everyone! How are things with you?

I am at home too and every day l have my school work to do. Before I start, I go for a walk or do my daily exercise with Joe Wicks on YouTube. This has given me a new idea. Here are some things for you to try this week. Enjoy, and you will be getting fitter, just like me!

Please remember to register for sports day (details on the homepage) and start to do some of the activities. You will get better with more practice. 

Oskar has been very busy at home. Thank you for your photographs and l really love your pencil pot.

Morning boys and girls. Thank you for all the photographs and work you sent this week. Here are a few ideas you can try.

Good morning to all P1 and P2. I hope you had a good week and are getting on well with your reading and learning pack. I have added some photographs. Can you see your friends? It’s lovely to see what you have been up to and to see you are looking healthy and happy. We are lucky that the weather has been so good. How are you getting on with riding your bicycle? These next few weeks could be a good time to “Ditch the Stabilisers.” Be careful trying to balance on your bike. Remember to wear your helmet and stay safe. Don’t worry if you can’t manage without the stabilisers as long as you are having fun. Catch up next week!

Hello Primary 1 and 2. Here is a challenge for you this week. Please write a story to tell me about something you did at Easter time.

Primary 1 - Write one or two simple sentences. Try to remember to use capital letters and full stops.

Primary 2 - I know you could write me two or three sentences. You are great writers now! Remember to think of accurate spelling. Use the tricky words and all you have learned about using the two letter sounds and word endings.

If you want to send your stories to Mr Hutchinson, he will send them to me. Thank you for all you have sent already.

Reading your stories will cheer me up as I miss you all. Take care, stay safe and remember to be good for your parents!  

Hello children, it’s Monday and you are on your Easter Holidays. Thank you for sending in some lovely photographs of your paintbrush art. I was very impressed. Have a fun time at home with your family. I will be interested to find out if you had an Easter Egg hunt, painted, decorated and rolled a hard boiled egg or helped Mum to make some yummy easter egg buns! I am thinking of you all and remember to keep safe.

Be sure to check out our Mr Hullabaloo Facebook page and you tube channel for lots of inspiration and ideas to support your child’s learning in a way that is interactive, engaging and fun!
To find out more please use the links below


You Tube:
Mr Hullabaloo

Create your own paintbrushes 

Hi everyone, how are you? I miss you all but hope you are having fun at home! This week I would love you to get creative and make some paintbrushes. See if you can use them to paint your name and then send me a picture. Have a look at how you can make them below. You will need twigs, string, ribbon, elastic bands or tape and what ever fun things you can find at home. Have a go!⭐️

Mother’s Day. I hope all our Mums enjoyed getting spoiled with cards, flowers and putting your feet up.

We enjoyed our last few days together singing special songs about Mums, reading stories, and making cards. Mrs Osborne was fabulous helping us to make a pretty bouquet for each of you.

Children, did you remember to help Mum by making your bed, folding your clothes and tidying up your toys and bedroom? Hope so and well done!

Thank you to Mrs Scott and the nursery who invited us to come along and see the Hullabaloo Drama Company with them. You will see some photos of The Three Little Pigs, Jack and The Beanstalk and The Ugly Duckling. Enjoy! We did,as you will see.

The Three Little Pigs

Jack and the Beanstalk

  The Ugly Duckling

Hi all my little P1 & P2 children. I hope you are very well and safe at home! My packs are ready for collecting on Wednesday.Have fun and do a little every day! I will keep in touch each week with a message on this page. Have fun in the garden. The weather has been good so far. Practise hopping this week. Count how many times can you hop on one foot now!  


Cold Lands and the Weather!

We have learned lots and had fun along the way. Enjoy our slideshow.

Some of our lovely winter displays


  P1&2 Bird Challenge 2020


At last we have a snowy day...

Primary 1 and 2 have some mental maths time in class each day.

This really helps us to understand numbers and mathematical concepts.

We are very competitive!

Mrs Robinson came to visit us and told us how to keep safe outside in icy weather.

She has a very busy job in school!

We enjoyed making and eating ice pops.


The NSPCC came to talk to us about staying safe and speaking out.

Jo Jingles comes to our class for music and drama.  We learn about different musical instruments and have lots of fun playing them.  Each week we learn a new note, what it looks like and how many beats it gets.  

Enjoy these slides...

We made cereal feeding bracelets and cakes for the birds.This was fun!

Now we go out to watch and identify the birds enjoying their feast in our little playground.

We like to use our binoculars and we have to remember to stay very quiet

First week in Mrs Alexander’s room.

Welcome to P1&2

The children really enjoy PE time ! We are learning lots of new skills .
The children really enjoy PE time ! We are learning lots of new skills .


We enjoyed decorating buns to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.

It was even better eating them!

 Christmas in P1/P2