Primary 7 had the opportunity to showcase their interactive games to P5&6 and explain how they designed their games using Sketch Nation on the iPads.

P5&6 thoroughly enjoyed this!!



The first group of sessions involved Virtual Reality.  The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part and creating their own virtual reality video.


Creating their own virtual reality scene.


First they had to decide on a theme.  Then create characters, background and what sound/sound effects they would have.


Once this was finalised each group recorded their song/speaking part and added it to their scene.


Everyone was a little nervous at first but the nerves quickly disappeared when they saw how amazing their creations were.



This year the Primary 7 class have been given the fantastic opportunity of taking part in "Wheel-Works."  During this time they will explore animation, film making and game design.

 The next training session was to teach the children how to create their own video game.  As many of the children love to play video games in their spare time they were extremely keen and excited to get started.


A lot of thought had to go into creating this - more than what the children had originally thought.


What kind of game?

Characters? Good/bad?

How will they move?
Power ups?

What is the end goal?


Each of these needed careful thought.  The children got to work drawing their ideas on paper.


Below is a small clip to show what the children created.  Don’t they look fantastic.  What imagination they have used.