Welcome to Primary 6 & 7

 I can't believe we have almost finished our first term in Primary 6 & 7.

 Let's have a look at what we have got up to!!


Our Victorian Day


On Monday 27th November our class came to school dressed as Victorian children.  We had lots of fun learning all about Victorian schooling and participated in various Victorian lessons throughout the day. 

Miss Reid had the day planned out for them. They got an insight into the following:

Classroom rules



Sewing buttons 

Writing a diary entry of a typical school day


Playground games



 Our study of 'William Morris' (Victorian artist)

William Morris designed wallpaper, furniture, tapestries and stained glass windows.  He used shapes from nature such as plants, flowers, leaves, birds and animals.

P6&7 had a go at designing their own prints



Transfer Group

Tuesday was our last day meeting together as a group for transfer work.

Mrs Overend arranged for the group to have a party to celebrate all the hard work they have put in over the last few months.

They totally deserved it!!


In order to celebrate World Book Day our children enjoyed a story telling morning hosted by Mrs Elaine Breakey. Our key stage 2 pupils took part in design a book cover competition. Well done to everyone!

Please remember that your child's book tokens can still be exchanged for the books that have been produced for World Book Day. These can be exchanged at most book shops. Alternatively, these book tokens can be used to gain £1 off another book of your choice.